Friday, March 26, 2010

Scare Me Up Some Supernatural

We are having a Supernatural Weekend.
And by Supernatural I mean Super Sexy Sam and Dean and the Supernatural Crew.  The desire to share our love for the show is so great and overwhelming it is jumping off the page - so join us for our Blog Talk Radio Show -
So come and play along, join the trivia and giveaways.

Tonight we talk about this season and well anything else we feel like dealing with SUPERNATURAL - we got some trivia - some giveaways.

See what your favorite authors have to say about the Supernatural.

SUPERNATURAL is the kind of sexy, dark series that I really enjoy because of the character interplay.
- Angela Knight - 

I'm addicted to Supernatural...wouldn't miss it and watch it again and again. I love the variety of paranormal's out of the ordinary. Last night's episode about zombies had me considering all the possibilities I hadn't before.
 Brit Blaise
It's got hot guys fighting monsters to a classic rock soundtrack. What's not to like? Jensen and Jared have great chemistry, which is both heart-warming and fun to watch. You really do believe they're brothers who'd do anything for each other.
I like the variety in the evil forces they encounter and the the fact that basically they're normal people who were thrust into this world because of tragedy and the fact that they are bound as a family through blood and the one brother to help their dad. i think one of the appeals of this show is that the brothers are very charismatic -and people love the fact they slay demons along the way and of course they're gorgeous.
Keta Diablo -

Man we love the boys.  Though Supernatural is not the only show with Dynamic Duos. 
So this week we are talking about The Twilight Saga, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries.  Join us.



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whoo who! love supernatural

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