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Portrait of a Vampire by Crymsyn Hart Review

Portrait of a Vampire
By Crymsyn Hart
Purple Sword Publishing 

She captured his image only once, and it’s haunted her ever since. 

Kaylynn has photographed thousands of people all over the world. However, the one man she desires wants nothing to do with her. Elijah took Kaylynn in when she was a teenager, rescuing her from an insane preacher who wanted her for his own evil purposes. 

Over the years, Kaylynn wants nothing more than to feel Elijah’s dark kiss. He wishes to keep her safe. In order to do that, he sends her away until an old evil resurfaces. Together, they have to confront the crazed reverend…and something else. Synopsis from 

 Portrait of a Vampire
Reviewed by Jasmine 
4.85/5 Screams from the Backseat 

I feel in love.  I am a sucker for "they have loved each other forever" type stories.  He loves her and she loves him, but they are held  apart for years.  It always pulls on my heart strings.  Which is the effect this story by Crymsyn Hart had on me, though even better since there is the added tension of this being a story told in the first person.  We can not be sure Elijah returns her feelings, big bad immortal vampire that he is.  

When you are the human in on Top Secret immortal info there always tends to be danger.  In this case a fanatical preacher out to control our heroine's nifty telekinetic powers.  I think if I could make things come to me I might become an even bigger slacker.  Hence why I was granted other super powers.  

So vampires fun, a pining for love, and some hot romantic tension make this book a great read.  As has often been my complaint, there needed to be more.  The ending rushed together a bit too fast compared with the pacing of the rest of the book.  I definitely want to read more of this authors work.  I actually really hope Kaylynn and Elijah pop up in a sequel.  There was a side character in there who calls out for her own story.
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