Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Graphic Novel Panel for the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference
Friday Night -  April 15  - 7:30pm EST

David Dabel and Derek Ruiz from Sea-Lion-Books

ARTIST BIO (Dave Hamann): Age 29, born and raised in Port Clinton, OH
Graduated from the Joe Kubert School in 2004
A freelance illustrator currently residing in Columbus, OH with his room mate and psycho cat.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clandestine Sanctuary: Virtual Tour: Novel Writing and Mad Libs Contest with Kiki Howell

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Gateway Books: INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR MARIANNE MOREA: "Tell us a little about yourself. I once asked my husband of seventeen years, what it was like to be married to me. His answer was polite..."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Which Paranormal Romance Villian is after YOU...

1 How would you describe yourself?
a) soft and gooey (like a marshmallow)
b) tough but compassionate
c) hard as nails (inside and out)
2 If you had to be trapped in a castle with a paranormal being which would you choose?
a) Is a butterfly paranormal?
b) Vampire
c) Shape-shifting Demon
3 If you were a paranormal being what would you be?
a) Fairy
b) witch
c) Harpy
4 Diet of choice...
a) I don't need to eat I'm going to live forever anyway
b) Rare steak
c) Blood
5 I could give up alot but don't ask me to give up
A) chocolate
B) my love of silver jewelry
c) sunlight
6 Hey I'm tough but don't ask me to
A) run at all
B) run a mile
c) oh I can do it all
Add up your score
C=4 pts

Monday, April 26, 2010

Live Interview with Melissa Marr!

Hello Readers,

I am so honored to have Melissa Marr on my Radio Show today!  I know that she has some dedicated fans so I would love to get some of the questions YOU have for her.  So here is your opportunity - comment here with your question then listen in at 1:30pm to my live chat with Melissa.

Here is a link for the show -

So everyone - join in the fun and give the show a listen - I have more guests coming up as well!  Keep an eye out for the author schedule as the Writers make their way to the Romantic Times Convention in Columbus Ohio!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's a Sleep Over!

Truth be told I was just napping, but what is a Slumber Party without a game of Truth or Dare.

Personally between my friends and I it became Truth and Truth since dares were a pain,  Now we are playing online so I decided that we would do dares - but they must be reasonable.  So the thing that does not inspire me after a long day when I sit down to enjoy some online time is... Exercise!

Don't answer and feel the burn.  So the first question you do not answer is:
Perform 10 sit-ups
Next 5 push-ups
Third 7 min. stretching and moving
Finally   5 min dancing
Repeat as Necessary.

Question 1
What Actors or Romance Heros would you leave your significant other for?

Question 2
Have you ever borrowed a friends book and just "forgot" to return it?

Question 3
Have you ever told an author you have read their work when you haven't?  

Question 4 
What is the worst thing you have ever done to a book?

Question 5
Can you do a better job making your own questions?
What have you got?

Take Truth or Dare to your Blog - leave a link in your reply and then link back to us here in your post.  Truth or Dare Meme!
Terry Kate

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Appeal of Fantasy by Hailey Edwards

 The fantasy genre reminds me of Baskin-Robbins’ thirty-one original ice cream flavors. You could sample a different subgenre every day for a month and still end up with a few varieties you haven’t tried.

Most fantasy novels start with the same base, an idea for plot, characters, and setting that combine supernatural and/or magical elements

The type of fantasy that springs to mind most often is epic or high fantasy. These stories are usually more serious in tone and involve epic struggles with a cast of familiar characters such as wizards, witches, dwarves, elves, and fairies. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien is a good example and one most of us are familiar with due to the popularity of the recent film trilogy by the same name.

Another, more traditional, type of fantasy is dark or gothic fantasy. This subgenre combines fantasy and horror elements. The tone is dark and the subject matter is often not for the fainthearted. My favorite example is Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy. 

Urban fantasy is a newer, popular trend for those who like their books light on romance but heavy on action with a sprawling city backdrop. A good example of urban fantasy is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

Contemporary or modern-day fantasy, which is similar to urban fantasy minus the requisite cityscape, is my favorite subgenre to read and write. It combines modern times with supernatural elements, parallel planes of existence, or alternate worlds.
When fantasy takes over our imagination, anything is possible.
As you clip the leash on Fluffy for that last walk before bedtime, how often do you look up at the moon as you step outside? Do you check to see if it’s full? Is it reflex or conscious decision on your part?

When you reach the point where your house is more than a quick sprint away, does fear make your nape prickle and palms sweat? If you live near a wooded area, do you often scan the bushes for yellow eyes? Or, in your fantasy, are they red?

We love to read books that pull us out of our everyday lives and thrust us into extraordinary experiences. We long for the thrill of a quest, the tender stirrings of first love, adrenaline laced battles or the rush of making an incredible discovery.

Fantasy gives us all these things and more. It acts as a gateway to anywhere we want to go. It is a key to open fairy doors or castle keeps, enchanted padlocks or gateways into alternate universes. It tempts us into the woods at night only to send us screaming out again at the first sound of a twig snapping underfoot.

The power of fantasy is making your every dream come true, taking you on an exhilarating ride to where rules are made to be broken, and while good may not triumph over evil, it puts up one hell of a fight.

Pick a book and let your fantasy begin.  
Hailey Edwards website - 
Hailey Edwards newest release -