Thursday, April 29, 2010

Which Paranormal Romance Villian is after YOU...

1 How would you describe yourself?
a) soft and gooey (like a marshmallow)
b) tough but compassionate
c) hard as nails (inside and out)
2 If you had to be trapped in a castle with a paranormal being which would you choose?
a) Is a butterfly paranormal?
b) Vampire
c) Shape-shifting Demon
3 If you were a paranormal being what would you be?
a) Fairy
b) witch
c) Harpy
4 Diet of choice...
a) I don't need to eat I'm going to live forever anyway
b) Rare steak
c) Blood
5 I could give up alot but don't ask me to give up
A) chocolate
B) my love of silver jewelry
c) sunlight
6 Hey I'm tough but don't ask me to
A) run at all
B) run a mile
c) oh I can do it all
Add up your score
C=4 pts

Monday, April 26, 2010

Live Interview with Melissa Marr!

Hello Readers,

I am so honored to have Melissa Marr on my Radio Show today!  I know that she has some dedicated fans so I would love to get some of the questions YOU have for her.  So here is your opportunity - comment here with your question then listen in at 1:30pm to my live chat with Melissa.

Here is a link for the show -

So everyone - join in the fun and give the show a listen - I have more guests coming up as well!  Keep an eye out for the author schedule as the Writers make their way to the Romantic Times Convention in Columbus Ohio!


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It's a Sleep Over!

Truth be told I was just napping, but what is a Slumber Party without a game of Truth or Dare.

Personally between my friends and I it became Truth and Truth since dares were a pain,  Now we are playing online so I decided that we would do dares - but they must be reasonable.  So the thing that does not inspire me after a long day when I sit down to enjoy some online time is... Exercise!

Don't answer and feel the burn.  So the first question you do not answer is:
Perform 10 sit-ups
Next 5 push-ups
Third 7 min. stretching and moving
Finally   5 min dancing
Repeat as Necessary.

Question 1
What Actors or Romance Heros would you leave your significant other for?

Question 2
Have you ever borrowed a friends book and just "forgot" to return it?

Question 3
Have you ever told an author you have read their work when you haven't?  

Question 4 
What is the worst thing you have ever done to a book?

Question 5
Can you do a better job making your own questions?
What have you got?

Take Truth or Dare to your Blog - leave a link in your reply and then link back to us here in your post.  Truth or Dare Meme!
Terry Kate

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Appeal of Fantasy by Hailey Edwards

 The fantasy genre reminds me of Baskin-Robbins’ thirty-one original ice cream flavors. You could sample a different subgenre every day for a month and still end up with a few varieties you haven’t tried.

Most fantasy novels start with the same base, an idea for plot, characters, and setting that combine supernatural and/or magical elements

The type of fantasy that springs to mind most often is epic or high fantasy. These stories are usually more serious in tone and involve epic struggles with a cast of familiar characters such as wizards, witches, dwarves, elves, and fairies. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien is a good example and one most of us are familiar with due to the popularity of the recent film trilogy by the same name.

Another, more traditional, type of fantasy is dark or gothic fantasy. This subgenre combines fantasy and horror elements. The tone is dark and the subject matter is often not for the fainthearted. My favorite example is Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy. 

Urban fantasy is a newer, popular trend for those who like their books light on romance but heavy on action with a sprawling city backdrop. A good example of urban fantasy is The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

Contemporary or modern-day fantasy, which is similar to urban fantasy minus the requisite cityscape, is my favorite subgenre to read and write. It combines modern times with supernatural elements, parallel planes of existence, or alternate worlds.
When fantasy takes over our imagination, anything is possible.
As you clip the leash on Fluffy for that last walk before bedtime, how often do you look up at the moon as you step outside? Do you check to see if it’s full? Is it reflex or conscious decision on your part?

When you reach the point where your house is more than a quick sprint away, does fear make your nape prickle and palms sweat? If you live near a wooded area, do you often scan the bushes for yellow eyes? Or, in your fantasy, are they red?

We love to read books that pull us out of our everyday lives and thrust us into extraordinary experiences. We long for the thrill of a quest, the tender stirrings of first love, adrenaline laced battles or the rush of making an incredible discovery.

Fantasy gives us all these things and more. It acts as a gateway to anywhere we want to go. It is a key to open fairy doors or castle keeps, enchanted padlocks or gateways into alternate universes. It tempts us into the woods at night only to send us screaming out again at the first sound of a twig snapping underfoot.

The power of fantasy is making your every dream come true, taking you on an exhilarating ride to where rules are made to be broken, and while good may not triumph over evil, it puts up one hell of a fight.

Pick a book and let your fantasy begin.  
Hailey Edwards website - 
Hailey Edwards newest release -

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wolf Shape Shifters with TL Mitchell

Growing The Popularity of Wolf Shape Shifter Novels

              In the beginningwell it seemed appropriate to say- Werewolf novels and movies struck fear in readers and movie-goers alike.  The horror of a half man- half wolf beast like creature killing and terrorizing people.  Movies like the cult classic The Howling for instance, showed werewolves as evil creatures who tried to live in peace with man and failed.  Werewolf in London, a seemingly humorous horror tale of a man who turns werewolf and goes on a blood thirsty killing spree.  He then finds himself haunted by the ghosts of his victims.  Silver Bullet, a novel and movie by Stephen King portrays another man who tries to cope with the beast and looses the battle when people start turning up dead.  All of these yester-year stories have one thing in common; they portray werewolves in the horror sense. 

              In todays novels and movies, the werewolves or wolf-shape shifters are portrayed differently.  Most of the stories show these creatures as having human qualities or control.  Authors are taking more of a turn with werewolves, much as the vampire writers are doing.  

              While the major buzz of the paranormal romance genre continues with vampires, werewolves have taking much of a backseat in this genre.  Vampires are becoming romantic, despite their bloodlust and they have an appeal to audiences everywhere.  Most of the appeal of the vampire comes from their seduction or erotic nature.  They are very smooth and skilled when choosing their prey or victims.  Luring them in a web of seduction, if you will. 

              Most readers have come to an understanding about vampires and the interest continues to grow.  Especially with the new paranormal romances who portray the vampires as the good guys. So the popularity continues with vampires.  The nocturnal creatures of the night thrive within the hearts of the readers.  

              But what about the werewolves?  Is it possible to have a paranormal romance novel that is equally as compelling as a vampire novel?  I think so.

              Since much of the history behind werewolves and vampires relate back to myths.  Many readers have been groomed to believe werewolves or shape shifters are not in control of their dark side.  What if they were in complete control?  Maybe all shape shifters dont need the moon to change.  Another aspect readers are seeing is that werewolves are bestial nature in even their human form. Could this be the reason why werewolves are not as popular as vampires?

              The debate continues between vampires and werewolves.  As funny as it may seem, this is a debate that has carried on for many years, long before the paranormal romance genre became popular.  As it seems, vampires do carry most of the popularity.

              The fight for werewolf romances continues.  Many new books are now coming out with a different view of werewolves or shape shifters.  These characters are portrayed with a smooth and sexy character and maybe a little rough around the edges.  But in truth, werewolves/shape shifters can be very sexy and in control.  

              Think about it a moment; a tall dark and sexy wolf shape shifter.  Smooth and defined, well balanced and mature.  Someone with a voice that could sooth your wearied soul.  A person with a deeply rooted nature of a wolf.  A pack leader.  A hunter.  A man who would protect you even at the cost of his own death.  My reader friends, this is the true nature of a wolf shape shifter.  

              Wolves were considered horrible creatures and much of a nuisance to farmers and cattle owners, in years past and even today.  The stories and folklore told many tales of the dangers of werewolves as blood thirsty creatures.  Most of these stories derived from the people starting these legendary tales of the dark.  Remember : Fear strikes fear into the hearts of those who believe.

              In reality, if one were to study wolves and their natural instinct they would find them very interesting.  Wolves are pack animals.  They stick together and even rejoice with one another over events.  They share sadness throughout the packs.   Wolves are very misunderstood creatures that live among us.  

              In my paranormal romance series Dark of kNight, I have included these characteristics in my wolf shape shifters.  My series is new and different because I dont portray the Lycans as evil creatures.  I separate the Lycans (wolf shape shifters) and Werewolves.  My shape-shifters are just like normal humans- so to speak.  My goal was to create a novel series that was new and refreshing for readers who enjoy paranormal romances.  

              If you have any comments on vampires and werewolves I would love to hear them!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dark of kNight By T. L. Mitchell Review

Dark of kNight
By T. L. Mitchell

Publisher Wild Horse Press 
Julie Knight never really knew how much her life would change after the death of her father.   After returning home to Spring Place, GA, the mysterious animal attacks begin. The small town is in an uproar over the horrific killings.  Julie finds herself in danger when the truth of who she is has been revealed. The last of a thousand year old bloodline of Lycans, Guardians of the mysterious Fort Mountain.
Daniel Maxwell, the handsome, dark, yet mysterious scientist returns home for the funeral. He has changed, but his love for Julie remains the same. She is what he has always wanted. She is what he needs. He would die for her. He would kill for her.

The passions begin to flare and so does the romance between Julie and Daniel. Joining forces with a mysterious group of moon-eyed people, together they must prepare for the Can Julie and Daniel's love be strong enough to protect them from their dangerous desires? Or will they be forever lost in the Dark of kNight?

Dark of kNight By T. L. Mitchell
Review By Doni

Story 4 of 5 Screams From the Backseat
Editing 3 of 5

This is a wonderful story of self discovery and love.  The character Daniel is a strong, intelligent and sexy man that Julie has known her whole life.  He has a very formal way of speaking, soft yet strong.  It makes me want to sit down and listen to him tell about the history of the Lycans.  Julie is a strong yet vulnerable woman.  She wants to understand what is going on in her world. She come home to find that nothing is as it seemed.  Their passion and love for one another is palpable.

The author writes with a youthful voice, but does not talk down to an older reader. It is obvious that the author loves what she does.  Her characters are rich and vibrant. 

I love the story, but I had some issues mainly with the editing.  There were some areas that were hard to get through.  The story itself, including the writing, was wonderful. My two biggest complaints are, first, the lack of enough back story. I want to know more about the characters that I have come to know. Second, the editing.  There were several areas in which there were glaring stumbling blocks because of editorial errors.

With those things said, it did not stop me from reading the book.  Would I read this author again?  Yes.  Would I purchase her work?  Yes .  

Check out T.L. Mitchell's work at her site

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chrysalis: Tribulations by M. L. LACY Review

Chrysalis: Tribulations 

As the exciting Chrysalis saga continues, Bree's eyes are opening to unimagined possibilities. Reunited with her soul mate, Steven, and her protectors Bradley, Bill and Rick, she journey's through a world she is only now beginning to comprehend. Challenges abound as she contends with the jealousies of her new status from Madelyn and the two newest members of her clan.

As tensions escalate, the dynamics within her new family are enough to rock her world. And if that wasn't enough to contend with, Esmeralda, her arch nemesis who desires nothing more than to wipe Bree from the face of the earth, holds nothing back as she strikes out at Bree's family and friends. As the prophecy told at her birth continues to unfold, Bree and those around her are only beginning to truly understand the danger's she will face and the strength required to endure. But her transformation as a Magical has only just begun and her abilities grow much too rapidly, draining her to the point of complete exhaustion.

Her clan fears that too much has been demanded of her and they continue to tighten their circle of protection around her, preventing her from following her true path. Bree must find a way to convince them that she is capable of prevailing while she searches for a way to save both human and Magical worlds - before it's too late. 

Chrysalis: Tribulations by M. L. LACY Review
Review by Doni
Rating 5 out of 5 firecrackers  5 OF 5 STARS.. 5 of 5 heartbeats

M. L. Lacy Has outdone herself with the second book  in her Chrysalis series.  Chrysalis Tribulations has far surpassed my expectations for this book, and my expectations were pretty darn high since I loved the first book as well. Unlike some books this one took me a bit longer to read, not because it was overly wordy or wrought with editorial mistakes, but because I DID NOT WANT THIS BOOK TO END!
Her characters have truly come to life in this story.  Bree has become a compassionate, gentle yet strong leader in the clan.  I have watched her progression from a timid, frightened "child" to a strong woman who is dealing with the fact she has one foot in both the magical and human worlds.  It is amazing how she deals with all the information and situations that are thrown at her.

Bree's men love her and have faith in her, but tend to be overly protective.  However, some of the women in her clan see her as a threat.  Bree wants changes that scare some who do not like change.  Madelyn thinks she should be the leader of the clan.  But with leadership comes responsibility that she is in no way prepared for. 

Steven is Bree's one true love.  The passion these two share is explosive.  Steven always wants to protect her, but he also needs to trust Bree's knowledge as a Chosen One.  This is sometimes difficult for him as Bree is still mortal. 

Now on to the writing.  What makes an author worth reading?  I ask myself several questions.  1) Can I hear the individual character's voices?  2)  Do I care about the main characters?  3) Are the supporting players' voices also audible?  4) Can I put myself into the story?  The answers to all of these questions are an emphatic "Yes!".   The lengthy descriptive passages that were at times overly detailed in the first book, are now floridly descriptive and flow seamlessly.  From the very outset, the reader is swept up and completely engaged and captivated by each of the characters.  In short, if this story was an artist's canvass, it would be a masterpiece.

Find out more about M.L. Lacy on her website -

Book Provided by Author

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Medieval Werewolves with Author Sela Carsen

Stories of werewolves abound primarily in Europe and most of them are evil. No. Not just evil, but eeeeeeeeeevil. Malevolent witchcraft and grave mortal sin surround those who succumb to the wolf. For some, the change is involuntary, the result of a curse laid on them. For some, however, it’s a perfect cover for serial murder. 

Not quite a werewolf tale because there’s no real hint of human transformation, the story of the Beast of Gévaudan tells of over 80 deaths in south-central France during the 18th century. The attacks are attributed to a monstrous wolf-like creature. 

Seventh sons, sorcerers, drinking water from a wolf’s paw print, or wearing a belt made from a wolf’s hide are often noted as methods of becoming a werewolf. Also being a Christmas Eve baby in Russia, or certainly having parents who are werewolves will increase your chances of turning furry in the moonlight. Also, as with many curses, incurring the wrath of God, the saints, the Holy Roman Church, or even Satan himself could get you zapped. Being bitten by a werewolf is a modern-day fiction, rarely found in older, more traditional legends.

The one exception in the old tales where werewolves aren’t pure evil comes from a 1692 trial of an elderly Livonian man named Thiess. Almost all the references I’ve found to this story seem to be direct copies of the information on Wikipedia, so take it with a gigantic salt lick. Anyway, Thiess claimed that werewolves were actually the “Hounds of God” – warriors who went down into Hell and did battle with the Devil and his minions. When they died, they were welcomed into Heaven for their services. He got ten lashes from the Inquisition for idolatry and superstition.

Fiction of the time gives us something else. There are two medieval stories, both from around the same period, one French, one from Breton. The original story is probably Bisclavret, written by Marie de France in the 12th century, one of a dozen lais she wrote that were transformed into other tales. The Lay of Melion is Breton and relates to Arthur. In an earlier blog, I mentioned that Brittany has closer ties to Cornwall than France. 

Bisclavret/Melion tells of a valiant and good knight who is married to a treacherous woman. The knight goes to hunt and the wife tricks him into revealing his secret. He’s actually a werewolf. From what I read, the stories don’t go into detail of how he became a lycanthrope. In Bisclavret, he needs to keep his clothing in a safe place or he can’t become human again. In Melion, there’s a magical ring that transforms him. As soon as the knight becomes a wolf and goes off to hunt, the wife steals the clothing (and in Melion, the ring, as well) and disappears. For years, then, the knight is condemned to wander as a beast of the forest. 

Eventually, the king (Arthur, in Melion) goes out hunting and encounters this wolf. Melion/Bisclavret had been a friend of the king and goes to him in friendship. The king recognizes the strangeness of this and decides to keep the wolf as a companion. After some time, however, the estranged wife and her lover show up at the king’s court. The wolf goes mad, attacking the couple. In Bisclavret, he actually tears off her nose. The king, knowing that the wolf has never acted like this with anyone else, investigates and the evil-doers confess and tell where they’ve hidden the knight’s belongings. The wolf puts on his clothes and becomes human again. The wife and her lover are banished and in Bisclavret, all the wife’s children are born without noses.

The history of werewolves throughout the world is a gigantic study. Tales of lycanthropy differ from culture to culture and the modern version of werewolves differ significantly from the old horror stories. We’ve anthropomorphized them, made them more human and accessible. Indeed, we’ve made them heroes, but who can blame us? The ultimate alpha, that touch of animal lust. The shape shifter in all his forms is a romantic mystery we love to unravel. 

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why We Read Weres

It is Wednesday so we are talking Weres.  Today instead of having an author on I am looking at why we read Shifters and what Readers, Reviewers, and Authors have to say.

Author - Isobael Liu - I'm not sure if I can explain well enough the reasons for my like shifter books. I suppose it really depends on how well written the shifter books are. To be, the best shifter books aren't just that one of the characters (main or otherwise) are shape shifters, but they must also be at odds with their innate instincts. They must fight their predator side, show their predator side in their day to day lives, as well.

I like that tension in a story. Not only is he fighting against his instinct to take, to possess, the heroine, but he's also fighting the heroine in some way. Perhaps she's a hunter, or an animal biologist, someone who saw too much, or is on the run. In the end, she will come to understand why he fights himself, fears for her, and love him anyway, and he comes to love her for accepting him, for being the gentle side he needs, to balance him out.

"Moonlight and Magick", debut novel - available May 3rd, 2010
My Website  My Blog
Graphic Designer/Reader - Kendra -  I love shifter books because of the simplicty and complications of the relationships.   The "animals" know who they want and force the humans to solve the human issues.   They take me to place of magic or nature.  They show me that we can solve most problems if we can get out of the way of ourselves.
Creations by Kendra - 
Reader - Kelley McHarge Walker - Werewolves, shape shifters...what can I say about these stories? Besides amazing, intriquing and spellbinding. They completely draw you inside and keep you on the edge of your seat. No two are ever the same. Always a great read. 
Reviewer/Blogger - Sabrina - Cheeky Reads - Why I love Shapeshifters:
As more and more paranormals creep into my "GOTTA read this" pile, I began to notice that I was usually drawn to the shifters in the stories. Why was that? After picking my brain and trying to figure out their appeal, here are my top few reasons that shifters rock my reading list.
Controlled Power - Something about a character who has super strength or special animal skills, but who can hold it back really impresses me. That they have a power lurking beneath the surface, ready to lash out at any time makes shifter books full of suspense.
It Could Be Anyone - The idea that literally any person could be a shifter makes these stories more realistic to me. Most shifters have a human form they take, and that's where the fun starts. Your handyman, mother, schoolteacher - any of them could be a shifter and you'd never know it. This lets my imagination run wild!
Basic Instincts - Who isn't interested in characters that answer the call of the wild and follow their own set of rules. Shifters live in society, but outside our rules. That goes for in the bedroom too. Makes for interesting reading.
Kick-Ass Ability - Ok, come on. You know you love shifters because they are bad-ass and can bust up anyone in their path. Whether it's because you love the fighting, or love that they are fighting over you, you love the action your shifters bring to the page.  
Hope everyone enjoyed other's thoughts on the topic. 
-Terry Kate