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Dark of kNight By T. L. Mitchell Review

Dark of kNight
By T. L. Mitchell

Publisher Wild Horse Press 
Julie Knight never really knew how much her life would change after the death of her father.   After returning home to Spring Place, GA, the mysterious animal attacks begin. The small town is in an uproar over the horrific killings.  Julie finds herself in danger when the truth of who she is has been revealed. The last of a thousand year old bloodline of Lycans, Guardians of the mysterious Fort Mountain.
Daniel Maxwell, the handsome, dark, yet mysterious scientist returns home for the funeral. He has changed, but his love for Julie remains the same. She is what he has always wanted. She is what he needs. He would die for her. He would kill for her.

The passions begin to flare and so does the romance between Julie and Daniel. Joining forces with a mysterious group of moon-eyed people, together they must prepare for the Can Julie and Daniel's love be strong enough to protect them from their dangerous desires? Or will they be forever lost in the Dark of kNight?

Dark of kNight By T. L. Mitchell
Review By Doni

Story 4 of 5 Screams From the Backseat
Editing 3 of 5

This is a wonderful story of self discovery and love.  The character Daniel is a strong, intelligent and sexy man that Julie has known her whole life.  He has a very formal way of speaking, soft yet strong.  It makes me want to sit down and listen to him tell about the history of the Lycans.  Julie is a strong yet vulnerable woman.  She wants to understand what is going on in her world. She come home to find that nothing is as it seemed.  Their passion and love for one another is palpable.

The author writes with a youthful voice, but does not talk down to an older reader. It is obvious that the author loves what she does.  Her characters are rich and vibrant. 

I love the story, but I had some issues mainly with the editing.  There were some areas that were hard to get through.  The story itself, including the writing, was wonderful. My two biggest complaints are, first, the lack of enough back story. I want to know more about the characters that I have come to know. Second, the editing.  There were several areas in which there were glaring stumbling blocks because of editorial errors.

With those things said, it did not stop me from reading the book.  Would I read this author again?  Yes.  Would I purchase her work?  Yes .  

Check out T.L. Mitchell's work at her site http://www.darkofknightseries.com/

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sounds like a good story

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