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Why We Read Weres

It is Wednesday so we are talking Weres.  Today instead of having an author on I am looking at why we read Shifters and what Readers, Reviewers, and Authors have to say.

Author - Isobael Liu - I'm not sure if I can explain well enough the reasons for my like shifter books. I suppose it really depends on how well written the shifter books are. To be, the best shifter books aren't just that one of the characters (main or otherwise) are shape shifters, but they must also be at odds with their innate instincts. They must fight their predator side, show their predator side in their day to day lives, as well.

I like that tension in a story. Not only is he fighting against his instinct to take, to possess, the heroine, but he's also fighting the heroine in some way. Perhaps she's a hunter, or an animal biologist, someone who saw too much, or is on the run. In the end, she will come to understand why he fights himself, fears for her, and love him anyway, and he comes to love her for accepting him, for being the gentle side he needs, to balance him out.

"Moonlight and Magick", debut novel - available May 3rd, 2010
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Graphic Designer/Reader - Kendra -  I love shifter books because of the simplicty and complications of the relationships.   The "animals" know who they want and force the humans to solve the human issues.   They take me to place of magic or nature.  They show me that we can solve most problems if we can get out of the way of ourselves.
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Reader - Kelley McHarge Walker - Werewolves, shape shifters...what can I say about these stories? Besides amazing, intriquing and spellbinding. They completely draw you inside and keep you on the edge of your seat. No two are ever the same. Always a great read. 
Reviewer/Blogger - Sabrina - Cheeky Reads - Why I love Shapeshifters:
As more and more paranormals creep into my "GOTTA read this" pile, I began to notice that I was usually drawn to the shifters in the stories. Why was that? After picking my brain and trying to figure out their appeal, here are my top few reasons that shifters rock my reading list.
Controlled Power - Something about a character who has super strength or special animal skills, but who can hold it back really impresses me. That they have a power lurking beneath the surface, ready to lash out at any time makes shifter books full of suspense.
It Could Be Anyone - The idea that literally any person could be a shifter makes these stories more realistic to me. Most shifters have a human form they take, and that's where the fun starts. Your handyman, mother, schoolteacher - any of them could be a shifter and you'd never know it. This lets my imagination run wild!
Basic Instincts - Who isn't interested in characters that answer the call of the wild and follow their own set of rules. Shifters live in society, but outside our rules. That goes for in the bedroom too. Makes for interesting reading.
Kick-Ass Ability - Ok, come on. You know you love shifters because they are bad-ass and can bust up anyone in their path. Whether it's because you love the fighting, or love that they are fighting over you, you love the action your shifters bring to the page.  
Hope everyone enjoyed other's thoughts on the topic. 
-Terry Kate 


Blogger Sandra Sookoo said...

it's always interesting to see what people like to read and why. I like to write in the paranormal and try to make it different and interesting :-) But I love the "are you one of them?" thought :-)

April 9, 2010 at 7:41 AM  

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