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Ancestors of Fire by Brenda J Weaver Review

Ancestors of Fire
by Brenda J Weaver
Provided by Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book 2 of The Empowered Spirits Series
Given to a stranger who was suppose to be her enemy by her father as he lay dying, the beautiful Lady Aeryn retreats to her home to heal her wounds and broken heart. To what purpose did her father do such a thing? It did not matter for she had vowed to protect her heart from the evil wiles of men. Though she would be bound forever to the stranger she would never let him become her true husband.
Angus had been just as shocked as the lovely Lady Aeryn had been when her dying father bound them together for life. She had angrily declared they would never be together then disappeared into thin air. As the new lord of Glendaugh Castle and all its lands, Angus was starting to come into his own powers that had been in hiding, lying dormant just beneath the surface. As much as he hated to get involved with Aeryn, he needed her to complete the quest that was thrust upon him.
Will they overcome the wall that had been built up around them and find a lasting love to surmount all time or will the Ancestors of Fire be their downfall forever? Synopsis by Wild Rose Press … … 

Ancestors of Fire by Brenda J Weaver
Review by Marcia
My Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 Screams from the Backseat

This is the story of Aeryn, whose father was the wizard who helped Rowan’s evil half-brother Harper in The Dragon Lord of Kells.  His treacherous employer and henchmen promptly kidnapped, raped and tortured Aeryn before her father could rescue her. Even though the last act of her father on his death-bed was to bond Aeryn to Angus (Rowan’s best friend and right hand) as Angus’ wife, her terror of what she had learned that a man could do to her caused her to flee to her father’s estate.
Set in Ireland in one year after the story in Dragon Lord of Kells, Ancestors of Fire focuses more on the immortal realm and the search for the one true king.  Unfortunately, there is a demon who has stolen the Circle of Light that is necessary to proclaim the King and he plans to become the new ruler of both the mortal and immortal realms. 
As with the first book in “The Empowered Spirits Series”, there is a taste of Tolkein’s Middle Earth in this story of a prophesied quest that must be taken by the house of Dravon and of Talyn.  Ayren, daughter of Talyn, goes in search of Dravon and learns that he is none other than her bonded husband, Angus and they must share the quest to destroy the demon and return the Circle of Light. 
This story depends heavily on the reader having already read Book 1 and is not a stand-alone book.  That said, the reader gets to be reacquainted with some of the great characters from The Dragon Lord of Kells and to learn much more about both Aeryn’s and Angus’s mysterious heritages, hinted at in the first book. 
I really liked reading about the strong characters in this book. Even the evil demon garnered a little bit of my sympathy at times, as you will see.  There are some unexpected twists and turns in the story and a grand revelation at the end that makes this a truly enjoyable read. 
Not as graphic as Book 1, I would recommend this book to Adults and mature teens.
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