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 Of all the Battles this one does not really have a loosing side.  And they are both human!  Well sort of.  I guess it is complicated.  Just like these two sexy boys. 

And so as we go into another night of all new episodes I confess I look forward to some DEAN.  What makes him super sexy?  Share your thoughts - just keep them PG-13.

Sammy?  Is it the dark eyes?  The height?  The rarely seen often visualized abs?  What is Sam Winchester's appeal?  Share your thoughts and be entered to win a free book.  

Pick a Team

These lines have been drawn for a long time but share which side you fall on with us here.  Actually the only duo not fictionally related of the Triple Threat Giveaway.


Is this based on the books?  Are you just hot for one actor over another?  How did you go about picking the team you are playing for?

From where I am sitting I would realistically be very excited to welcome either handsome boy into my adolescence.  If only my High School had been so stud filled.  


Stefan vs. Damon
Which side of the divide do you stand on?  Are you basing the stance on the Show? The books?  Both?

Any Slash fans out there?  Oh my...

Werewolves and Wolves Fiction and Facts by T.L. Mitchell

            Over the years there have been many paranormal romances and thrillers written containing werewolves.  In past years, the term werewolves struck fear into the heart of anyone who heard the term.  However, lately werewolves are used in another form as friendly and loveable.  So how do we term the evil creatures from the good creatures? What is the difference? 
              In our discovery, lets start with understanding some facts about wolves.  Wolves have been very badly misunderstood animals over the last decade.  They are important creatures to our eco system.  Many farmers and live stock owners disagree, claiming they are a nuisance and should be destroyed.  Truth is wolves are just as important to our world as the air we breathe.
              Wolves are the largest member of the canine family, with a height from 26-32 inches.  They weight from 55-130 lbs and have a life span of approximately 7-8 years.   Some wolves have been known to live 10 years or more.  The diet of wolves consists of large hoofed mammals, such as dear, elk, moose and caribou.  I think you see why live stock owners would consider wolves a problem.  In Alaska, there are an estimated 7000 to 11,200 wolves and more than 5,000 in the lower 48 states.  In earlier times, there were estimated populations of up to 2 million wolves, where now there are only estimated 200,000 in 57 countries. 
              In the mid 1930s, wolves were once common creatures in North America and killed in most areas.  Today their range has been reduced to minimal areas throughout the US and Canada.
              The behaviors of wolves are mainly pack-like. They live, travel and hunt in packs of 4-7 animals.  The packs include the mother and father, their pups and several other young wolves. The alpha female and male are the pack leaders that track and hunt prey.  These leaders choose den sites and establish the packs territory.  Wolves develop close relationships with one another and strong social bonds.  They demonstrate deep affection for their family and may even sacrifice themselves to protect the family unit.
              Werewolves are considered wolf-shape shifters by many.  The name werewolf comes from the wer Old English term for man.  Man-wolf.  Legends around the world speak of men and women who could turn into wolves and back into human form.  In their animal form, the werewolves were bloodthirsty creatures that devoured humans.
              The werewolf legends occur in all parts of the world.  Some scholars have suggested that these transformation legends are no more than echoes of ancient ceremonies where people wore animal skins. 
              An interesting note, European werewolf tales date back from ancient times.  A Greek king named Lycaon was turned into a wolf as punishment for serving human flesh to the gods.  The Greek word lukos(wolf) and anthropos(man) comes the term lycanthropy.
              Now lets discuss the difference between werewolves and Lycans.  We know they pretty much mean the same thing- a man (or woman) who can turn into a wolf.  Truthfully, they do not need the light of the full moon to change.  They can change at will. So where do we form the opinions of bad and good werewolves?  In Europe, the werewolf folklore is not just a simple myth or legend.  There was a time where werewolf legends were rich and varied in stories.  These stories were interesting as we begin to see tales about hero werewolves and a variety of species. So in fact, the werewolves in the older, darker days were considered blood-thirsty beasts.  Which is probably where we come up with the evil looking, more scary creatures in the movies. 
              Another folklore, I would not want to pass up is the one I use in my Dark of kNight Series.  My wolf- shape shifters are termed Lycans and they hunt evil werewolves. The background history on their characters is from the Native Indians folklore.  Some facts about where the Native Indians came up with their legends were said to be based on early settlers.  The early settlers brought with them their European beliefs and either retold old tales or created new ones.  This statement or fact, I disagree with.  The Native Indians are rich in their folklore, legends and beliefs.  It is my belief that the Native Indians already had stories about wolf spirits, eagle spirits and shape-shifting long before the European settlers arrived. 
              If we would take the true nature of a wolf as a Lycan, then we would see a family who has a strong relationship, loving and would die for one another.  The parents would be the forefront leaders of the pack and the children would learn from examples and discipline.  Does this sound like an evil creature? Not really.  This sounds more or less what we find in our paranormal romances or shape shifter novels.   I think any woman who reads a story about a strong male, determined and confident wouldnt swoon in his armswerewolf or not. 
Find out more about TL Mitchell and her books at

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The early descriptions of vampires that have come down to us through folklore, provide a stark contrast to today’s hunky, bare-chested bloodsuckers who no longer necessarily suck blood. It’s true that some of the old, scary vamps sometimes ran around shirtless (they might, for example, have escaped from their tombs clad only in a winding sheet), but in those cases they tended to show off discolored, cadaver-like rib cages rather than sculpted pecs and perfect six-pack abs. They also had terrible breath, bad skin, a hollow gaze, and a complete disregard for their human prey. Not exactly the stuff of sexy dreams.

Nowadays, in addition to having excellent hygiene, many vamps are also loathe to drink human blood, and those who aren’t rich (though most vampires are, probably thanks to earning centuries of compound interest) may work in life-saving professions like law enforcement or medicine. These new, sexy vamps move among humans (especially the heroine) almost the way the Greek gods were once thought to interact with their toga-clad subjects. Both alternately protect and seduce, throwing in a few punishments for the vain and wicked along the way.

As an ardent vampire fan and an avid reader and writer of vampire fiction, I couldn’t be happier with the current explosion of principled vamps. One thing does worry me, though. Now that the rehabilitation of the vampire from fearsome monster to ideal mate is complete, where do we go with the genre? I suspect that romance readers are already starting to get a little bored with detectives who use supersensory powers to solve crimes and avenging angels with archaic vocabularies. This might be why werewolf tales are starting to take up the shelf space formerly occupied by our favorite immortals.

One possibility might be a return to a traditional Gothic format, with tormented guys pacing the towers of possibly haunted manor houses. Another might be an even more extreme version of urban fantasy or steampunk, with futuristic settings and high-tech methods for the hero to slake his need for blood. There have been some rumblings about a line or two of Christian-centered vampire romances.

I doubt the vampire hero will ever devolve—Count Orlock, with his oversized bald pate and frighteningly long nails and teeth, just wouldn’t fit the bill in a romance novel. On the other hand, teen vamp dreamboats with pouty red lips and a passing resemblance to Elvis in the 1950s have already become the objects of parody (and cell phone commercials). The publishing industry will soon try to convince us that vampires are last year’s hot ticket, pushed out by shapeshifters and even zombies, but the truth is that they’ll be back on top—as soon as writers can find a new angle to sink our fanged friends’ lovely teeth into. That’s what immortality is all about.

Cassandra Pierce’s vampire e-romance, HEIRS TO DARKISLE, is currently available from Siren-Bookstrand:

Readers can also visit her website at and check her out on Facebook!

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Ancestors of Fire by Brenda J Weaver Review

Ancestors of Fire
by Brenda J Weaver
Provided by Publisher The Wild Rose Press

Book 2 of The Empowered Spirits Series
Given to a stranger who was suppose to be her enemy by her father as he lay dying, the beautiful Lady Aeryn retreats to her home to heal her wounds and broken heart. To what purpose did her father do such a thing? It did not matter for she had vowed to protect her heart from the evil wiles of men. Though she would be bound forever to the stranger she would never let him become her true husband.
Angus had been just as shocked as the lovely Lady Aeryn had been when her dying father bound them together for life. She had angrily declared they would never be together then disappeared into thin air. As the new lord of Glendaugh Castle and all its lands, Angus was starting to come into his own powers that had been in hiding, lying dormant just beneath the surface. As much as he hated to get involved with Aeryn, he needed her to complete the quest that was thrust upon him.
Will they overcome the wall that had been built up around them and find a lasting love to surmount all time or will the Ancestors of Fire be their downfall forever? Synopsis by Wild Rose Press … … 

Ancestors of Fire by Brenda J Weaver
Review by Marcia
My Rating:  a solid 4 out of 5 Screams from the Backseat

This is the story of Aeryn, whose father was the wizard who helped Rowan’s evil half-brother Harper in The Dragon Lord of Kells.  His treacherous employer and henchmen promptly kidnapped, raped and tortured Aeryn before her father could rescue her. Even though the last act of her father on his death-bed was to bond Aeryn to Angus (Rowan’s best friend and right hand) as Angus’ wife, her terror of what she had learned that a man could do to her caused her to flee to her father’s estate.
Set in Ireland in one year after the story in Dragon Lord of Kells, Ancestors of Fire focuses more on the immortal realm and the search for the one true king.  Unfortunately, there is a demon who has stolen the Circle of Light that is necessary to proclaim the King and he plans to become the new ruler of both the mortal and immortal realms. 
As with the first book in “The Empowered Spirits Series”, there is a taste of Tolkein’s Middle Earth in this story of a prophesied quest that must be taken by the house of Dravon and of Talyn.  Ayren, daughter of Talyn, goes in search of Dravon and learns that he is none other than her bonded husband, Angus and they must share the quest to destroy the demon and return the Circle of Light. 
This story depends heavily on the reader having already read Book 1 and is not a stand-alone book.  That said, the reader gets to be reacquainted with some of the great characters from The Dragon Lord of Kells and to learn much more about both Aeryn’s and Angus’s mysterious heritages, hinted at in the first book. 
I really liked reading about the strong characters in this book. Even the evil demon garnered a little bit of my sympathy at times, as you will see.  There are some unexpected twists and turns in the story and a grand revelation at the end that makes this a truly enjoyable read. 
Not as graphic as Book 1, I would recommend this book to Adults and mature teens.
You can learn more about Brenda at her website,

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Dragon Lord of Kells by Brenda J Weaver Review

Dragon Lord of Kells
by Brenda J Weaver
Provided by Publisher - Wild Rose Press

Book 1 of The Empowered Spirits Series
In the mists of the dark forest of Muir, Rowan of Locks Glen stumbles into a trap. He is the last of his kind, a fierce and mighty Dragon Lord. As Rowan is fighting for his life, he is suddenly, desperately aware that he should have taken a wife, thereby ensuring the lineage of his blood. A throng of arrows whip through his body as everything turns black.
Kira, a healer from an ancient clan of elves, finds Rowan’s prone body. She recognizes him as the protector of her people, hides him and takes him to her cottage where, she hopes, he’ll be safe. While there, Rowan asks her to be his life mate. She refuses at first, for she feels unworthy, but she was born to protect this mighty Dragon Lord. What better way to protect him than to be constantly by his side?   ….Synopsis by Wild Rose Press

Dragon Lord of Kells by Brenda J Weaver
Review by Marcia Corbett
My Rating:  4 out of 5 Screams from the Backseat

Anyone who loves Tolkein’s Middle Earth will find themselves in somewhat familiar territory when reading this first book of a new series.  You find elves, orcs, wizards and other middle earth dwellers as well as a few new races, like the Dragon Lords, shape shifters, healer-witches and stalkers.  That’s where the similarity ends, however.  This is more like Middle Earth grown up.
Set in Ireland in the 11th century, Dragon Lord of Kells incorporates much of Irish lore in this love story of a Dragon Lord searching for his dragon magic and a young half-blood elf searching for love, acceptance and a home.  Together, they face a ruthless enemy who wants nothing more than Rowan dead and Kira in his clutches and he will use any magic, curse or evil alliance to get what he wants.
I found myself caught up in the story and wondering what was going to happen next.  For all Kira’s training and special abilities in fighting, however, she kept getting in situations where she is totally helpless.  I would have appreciated it if she could have helped herself a little more and not have to be rescued by someone else quite as often.  However, I really liked the story and am looking forward to Book 2. 
One note.  Although the basic story is readable by teens, this book contains some explicit sex, bondage and S&M, so I recommend Adults Only.
You can learn more about Brenda at her website,


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Scare Me Up Some Supernatural

We are having a Supernatural Weekend.
And by Supernatural I mean Super Sexy Sam and Dean and the Supernatural Crew.  The desire to share our love for the show is so great and overwhelming it is jumping off the page - so join us for our Blog Talk Radio Show -
So come and play along, join the trivia and giveaways.

Tonight we talk about this season and well anything else we feel like dealing with SUPERNATURAL - we got some trivia - some giveaways.

See what your favorite authors have to say about the Supernatural.

SUPERNATURAL is the kind of sexy, dark series that I really enjoy because of the character interplay.
- Angela Knight - 

I'm addicted to Supernatural...wouldn't miss it and watch it again and again. I love the variety of paranormal's out of the ordinary. Last night's episode about zombies had me considering all the possibilities I hadn't before.
 Brit Blaise
It's got hot guys fighting monsters to a classic rock soundtrack. What's not to like? Jensen and Jared have great chemistry, which is both heart-warming and fun to watch. You really do believe they're brothers who'd do anything for each other.
I like the variety in the evil forces they encounter and the the fact that basically they're normal people who were thrust into this world because of tragedy and the fact that they are bound as a family through blood and the one brother to help their dad. i think one of the appeals of this show is that the brothers are very charismatic -and people love the fact they slay demons along the way and of course they're gorgeous.
Keta Diablo -

Man we love the boys.  Though Supernatural is not the only show with Dynamic Duos. 
So this week we are talking about The Twilight Saga, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries.  Join us.


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Last weekend, my friend Rachael and I went on a book-hunting safari at two of the larger chain bookstores, which happily are less than a mile apart in our area. In each of them, we observed the same pattern: at one end were the scary vampire books, with creepy titles and covers that could give anyone nightmares. On the opposite side were the romance novels, featuring handsome guys whose piercing eyes and thick dark hair might inspire a different, and much more pleasing, kind of dream.

The covers of these books reflect the (probable) culmination of a literary trend that’s been in progress since 1819. The original sexy vampire was modeled on none other than Lord Byron,              whose personal physician John Polidori created Lord Ruthven for his story “The Vampyre.” Though he didn’t sparkle or pretend to be a high school student, Ruthven was a great hit with the fictional ladies of his Regency social circle. Unfortunately, those who fell under his spell (which included the story’s male protagonist) tended to end up dead.

In this respect, Ruthven would not have made an acceptable romance hero; the required happy ending could never come to pass. I suspect it is the Ruthven model people are thinking of (whether they know the character’s name or not) when they complain that today’s romantic vampire leads have become, in the words of another friend of mine, “emasculated.” Personally, I don’t find anything intrinsically “masculine” about killing, and alpha males seem to be plentiful enough in the vampire dating pool.

On the other hand, I do like a vampire hero with a bit of a sinister streak. No modern heroine would put up with Ruthven or Dracula as a mate (though apparently Bela Lugosi was deluged with fan mail from smitten women when Dracula was released in 1931), but as a reader I’ve become bored with novels in which the vampire hero is sweet, gentle, morally beyond reproach, and just all-around perfect. Vampires become indistinguishable from superheroes without a dark side and maybe a regrettable secret or two. I’ve never seen a romance featuring a caped crusader (though I don’t discount the possibility of someone trying one eventually)—to me, it seems that a story like that wouldn’t provide enough internal conflict or tension to make the novel interesting.

Romance is all about internal conflict and not external action, and maybe that’s the real difference between the traditional “horror story” featuring vampires and softer tales of vampires in love. It’s up to the fanged dreamboat in question to choose the right path, even when his base nature screams out for him to do otherwise. In my opinion, that’s about as appealingly masculine as a hero can get.

Cassandra Pierce’s vampire e-romance, HEIRS TO DARKISLE, is currently available from Siren-Bookstrand:

Readers can also visit her website at and check her out on Facebook!