Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wolf Shape Shifters with TL Mitchell

Growing The Popularity of Wolf Shape Shifter Novels

              In the beginningwell it seemed appropriate to say- Werewolf novels and movies struck fear in readers and movie-goers alike.  The horror of a half man- half wolf beast like creature killing and terrorizing people.  Movies like the cult classic The Howling for instance, showed werewolves as evil creatures who tried to live in peace with man and failed.  Werewolf in London, a seemingly humorous horror tale of a man who turns werewolf and goes on a blood thirsty killing spree.  He then finds himself haunted by the ghosts of his victims.  Silver Bullet, a novel and movie by Stephen King portrays another man who tries to cope with the beast and looses the battle when people start turning up dead.  All of these yester-year stories have one thing in common; they portray werewolves in the horror sense. 

              In todays novels and movies, the werewolves or wolf-shape shifters are portrayed differently.  Most of the stories show these creatures as having human qualities or control.  Authors are taking more of a turn with werewolves, much as the vampire writers are doing.  

              While the major buzz of the paranormal romance genre continues with vampires, werewolves have taking much of a backseat in this genre.  Vampires are becoming romantic, despite their bloodlust and they have an appeal to audiences everywhere.  Most of the appeal of the vampire comes from their seduction or erotic nature.  They are very smooth and skilled when choosing their prey or victims.  Luring them in a web of seduction, if you will. 

              Most readers have come to an understanding about vampires and the interest continues to grow.  Especially with the new paranormal romances who portray the vampires as the good guys. So the popularity continues with vampires.  The nocturnal creatures of the night thrive within the hearts of the readers.  

              But what about the werewolves?  Is it possible to have a paranormal romance novel that is equally as compelling as a vampire novel?  I think so.

              Since much of the history behind werewolves and vampires relate back to myths.  Many readers have been groomed to believe werewolves or shape shifters are not in control of their dark side.  What if they were in complete control?  Maybe all shape shifters dont need the moon to change.  Another aspect readers are seeing is that werewolves are bestial nature in even their human form. Could this be the reason why werewolves are not as popular as vampires?

              The debate continues between vampires and werewolves.  As funny as it may seem, this is a debate that has carried on for many years, long before the paranormal romance genre became popular.  As it seems, vampires do carry most of the popularity.

              The fight for werewolf romances continues.  Many new books are now coming out with a different view of werewolves or shape shifters.  These characters are portrayed with a smooth and sexy character and maybe a little rough around the edges.  But in truth, werewolves/shape shifters can be very sexy and in control.  

              Think about it a moment; a tall dark and sexy wolf shape shifter.  Smooth and defined, well balanced and mature.  Someone with a voice that could sooth your wearied soul.  A person with a deeply rooted nature of a wolf.  A pack leader.  A hunter.  A man who would protect you even at the cost of his own death.  My reader friends, this is the true nature of a wolf shape shifter.  

              Wolves were considered horrible creatures and much of a nuisance to farmers and cattle owners, in years past and even today.  The stories and folklore told many tales of the dangers of werewolves as blood thirsty creatures.  Most of these stories derived from the people starting these legendary tales of the dark.  Remember : Fear strikes fear into the hearts of those who believe.

              In reality, if one were to study wolves and their natural instinct they would find them very interesting.  Wolves are pack animals.  They stick together and even rejoice with one another over events.  They share sadness throughout the packs.   Wolves are very misunderstood creatures that live among us.  

              In my paranormal romance series Dark of kNight, I have included these characteristics in my wolf shape shifters.  My series is new and different because I dont portray the Lycans as evil creatures.  I separate the Lycans (wolf shape shifters) and Werewolves.  My shape-shifters are just like normal humans- so to speak.  My goal was to create a novel series that was new and refreshing for readers who enjoy paranormal romances.  

              If you have any comments on vampires and werewolves I would love to hear them!


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